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3x3 Basketball is a form of the game played three a side on one hoop. It is the largest urban team sport in the world and Canberra City Stallions are the leaders of 3x3 Basketball in the capital.


Canberra City Stallions hold a series of ​3x3 Basketball tournaments annually known as the "Stallies City Tour" which cater for juniors and seniors. The Stallies City Tour consists of eight 3x3 Basketball tournaments through the year. These tournaments include:

  • Capital City Clash, Monday 13 March

  • Fall Free-For-All, Sunday 23 April

  • Dreamtime Dust-Up, Monday 29 May

  • Kings Birthday Bash, Monday 12 June

  • Frozen Fracas, Sunday 16 July

  • Springtime Skirmish, Sunday 8 October

  • Halloween Havoc, Tuesday 31 October (Juniors only)

  • Christmas Cup, Saturday 16 December

If you or your child would like to know more about how to take part in the Stallies City Tour please contact us by clicking here.

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